About Zarepta


In 1965 Mr. Brynleif Hansen and others establised the Zarepta children camp. The first 2 years Zarepta was located in Áir on Streymoy in rented premises, but soon it was decided to find another location. In 1967 the activities re-started in Vatnsoyrar on Vágoy.

The aim of the camp is to:

To reach children and teenagers for Christ

To strengthen children and teenagers in the faith in Christ

To encourage good fellowship between all the participants

Games and physical activity

To encourage sound principles of living:

- to be obidient to set rules

- personal integrity and good behavior

- to respect natural, cultural and national values

Through the years the activities have expanded gradually and today covers a vide range of camps for children and youth.

The Zarepta Camp is affiliated to the Christian Brethren Assemblies in the Faroes. This movement is also known as the Plymouth Brethren. The first Brethren Assembly was established in the Faroes in 1878 in Tórshavn by the scottish missionary William Gibson Sloan (1838-1914). The movement grew steadily through the 20’th century and today there are app. 4500 person affiliated to 35 assemblies around the Faroes Islands, this is about 10% of the population. The Zarepa has played a vital role as an instrument in cooperations with the assemblies to reach primarily children and teenagers for Christ and to strengthen belivers in all ages in the faith in Christ.